Diesel Storage Tanks

Our Self Bunded Tanks are replacing the old conventional above ground fuel and lubricants installations. The conventional installations consisted of concrete foundations and bund walls (for containment of spillage) and a tank placed inside the concrete bund wall. As you may be aware the costs of building foundations and concrete bund walls has become excessive. Self Bunded Tanks have been developed to provide portable storage to the mining, power, oil and construction industries. These units will provide our customers with the following advantages and benefits. The tanks are manufactured from CORTEN Steel which provides superb corrosion resistance plus welding capabilities and are double walled.

The benefits that our tanks bring are that you don't have to provide foundations (only hard standing), all the fabrication takes place off site and when you need to move the installation to a new mining area to optimize distances to refuel (Typical in the mining business) you just pick up these tanks they fit on a 20 foot (31 000 litre) or 40 foot (67 000 litre) container footprint and move them quite no regret costs or having to rehabilitate concrete and foundations and no further fabrication required. We believe these are big benefits to mining, power and oil companies. Our Self Bunded Tanks can be interconnected as well.

Our partners have been supplying Self Bunded Fuel tanks/ Diesel Storage Tanks for in excess of 15 year and in fact last year supplied a significant number of self bunded fuel and lubricants tanks into Africa.

Self Bunded Fuel Tanks / Diesel Storage Tanks have many advantages in that they are:

Self Bunded Fuel Tanks / Diesel Storage Tanks
  • Self Bunded Diesel Storage Tanks Don’t require foundation or any concrete, Just hard standing

  • Our Diesel Storage Tanks can be moved very easily

  • Only require a crane or a side lifter to lift and place the Diesel Storage Tank

  • Significantly reduces construction time

  • Our Diesel Storage Tanks significantly reduce HSSE risk as all fabrication is done off site

  • All our Self Bunded Diesel Storage Tanks can be interconnected

Our Self Bunded Fuel Tanks and lubricants Tanks are fitted out to our stringent standard specification.

  • Self Bunded Tanks are UL Listed.(UL Listing Certification for File MH47074)

  • 60 years’ experience in the oil and mining industry and have partnered with the leading global self bunded tank supplier/manufacturer.

  • Leading Supplier of Self Bunded (Double Walled) Diesel Storage Tanks for on-site storage of Bulk Liquids, Fuels, lubricants (hydrocrabons) and waste oil.

  • Turnkey solution which includes scoping, drawings, total project management and fuel management systems.

Self Bunded Fuel Tanks and lubricants Tanks


Our manufacturer provides a 5 year warranty on the tank structure and a 3 year warranty on the paint under normal conditions. These tanks should in reality last significantly longer than 5 years. In fact they should last as long as a conventional tank.


Our factory in China QHC carries the ISO 9002 , IS014000 certification. The Self Bunded / Secondary Containment Tanks that we supply also carry the UL142 certification.



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